Amerris Consulting was founded by Don Harris to help foreign companies take full advantage of Amerris Photo_Experience Pagemyriad business opportunities in Mexico.  As one of the fastest growing destinations for automotive and aerospace original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers, Mexico is truly a land of opportunity.  For nearly four years, Mr. Harris served in key leadership roles in Mexico for an American Tier 1 chemical management services provider to the automotive and aerospace sectors.  In those leadership roles he was responsible for many key facets of their newly formed Mexican entity and their operations, including serving as legal representative, working with lawyers and accountants on both sides of the border on legal and tax matters, interacting with various Mexican government agencies, negotiating supplier contracts, and overseeing human resource activities.  There were a great many lessons learned during those years, some more painful than others.  These lessons encompassed the formation of new legal entities in Mexico, the ever-changing tax and accounting requirements, choosing the right Mexican bank, understanding the culture, importing and exporting goods, and accounts payable and receivable.  As a bilingual permanent resident of Mexico, Mr. Harris and Amerris Consulting are well suited to help your company understand what doing business in Mexico is all about and how to navigate the opportunities towards prosperity.  Let us help you start your Mexican operations in a smooth and efficient manner!